1989 Resolutions

R89-60 12/12/89 A resolution estimating capital project surpluses, setting forth a reserve for incomplete projects, and providing additional funding for certain projects.
R89-59 10/24/89 A resolution providing for priority use of a city gymnasium by the Slidell Youth Basketball Association (SYBA) during the basketball season from November 1 thru March 15.
R89-58 11/21/89 A resolution requesting information from the City Administration and City Recreation Director relative to the maintenance and operation of a city owned recreational facility.
R89-57 11/14/89 A resolution authorizing the expenditure of unallocated water improvement funds for Kostmayer Well Inspection and the repairs of fire hydrants.
R89-56 11/14/89 A resolution declaring the week of December 3 to 9, 1989, as “Cities Fight Back Against Drugs Week”.
R89-53 10/10/89 A resolution authorizing payment of attorney’s fees for Ralph Smith.
R89-52 09/26/89 A resolution endorsing Proposition One on October 7, 1989, creating a Transportation Trust Fund and other matters related thereto.
R89-51 09/26/89 A resolution providing additional funds for a recreational building to be constructed in John Slidell Park.
R89-50 09/12/89 A resolution congratulating Miss Stacy King as Miss Louisiana of 1989 and wishing her the best of luck in the 1990 Miss America Beauty Pageant.
R89-49 09/12/89 A resolution accepting the Legislators Auditors’ System Survey and Compliance Questionnaire as complete and accurate.
R89-48 09/12/89 A resolution urging the Congress of the United States to revise the Cable Communication Policy Act of 1984, and expressing general concern about the need for greater local government regulatory authority.
R89-47 08/22/89 A resolution supporting the closure of the Downman Road on-ramp onto Interstate 10 in east New Orleans on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
R89-46 08/22/89 A resolution urging quick response to city insurance claims.
R89-45 08/22/89 A resolution expressing support for the tax millage renewal for the St. Tammany Parish Library.
R89-44 08/22/89 A resolution consenting and concurring in the sale, issuance and delivery of not exceeding $40,000,000 of Taxable Collateralized Mortgage Refunding Bonds, Series 1989 of the St. Tammany Parish Public Trust Financing Authority for the purpose of refunding all of the Authority’s outstanding bonds of an issue of Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bonds (Multiple Originators and Servicers), 1979 Series A; and to provide for other matters in connection therewith.
R89-43 08/22/89 A resolution requesting the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and the Department of Natural Resources extend dredging prohibition to three (3) miles from the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain in St. Tammany Parish.
R89-42 08/22/89 A resolution requesting the installation of a sidewalk extension on Rue Rochelle to Gause Boulevard.
R89-41 08/08/89 A resolution requiring all appointed Board Members to take an “Oath of Office” supporting state and local laws, and to participate in city sponsored work sessions.
R89-40 08/08/89 A resolution setting forth the highway priorities for the City of Slidell.
R89-39 07/25/89 A resolution appropriating ninety-five thousand dollars ($95,000) to Culvert Lining Rehabilitation, Phase C project.
R89-38 07/11/89 A resolution urging maximum use of the Mississippi Army Ammunition Plant.
R89-37 06/27/89 A resolution expressing support for the creation of a foundation to combat Lake Pontchartrain pollution.
R89-36 06/27/89 A resolution expressing support for the Commission on the Arts/Department of Cultural Affairs’ application for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).
R89-35 06/13/89 A resolution requesting the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to install a protected left turn traffic signal for east bound traffic on Gause Boulevard at the intersection of Gause Boulevard and Midtown Square Shopping Center.
R89-34 06/13/89 A resolution establishing a budget for the expenditure of proceeds from the sale of $1,900,000 of General Obligation Bonds for Sewer Improvements.
R89-33 06/13/89 A resolution establishing a budget for the expenditure of proceeds derived from the sale of $1,100,000 of General Obligation Bonds for Water Improvements.
R89-31 05/23/89 A resolution emphasizing a need for the U.S. Highway 11 bridge across Lake Pontchartrain, and requesting State Officials to forego any considerations for its closure.
R89-30 5/23/89 A resolution requesting that the West Hall roadway resurfacing project move forward with all speed.
R89-29 5/23/89 A resolution accepting responsibility for the removal of portions of Spartan Drive should repairs to St. Tammany Parish Sewerage District No. 7’s force main become necessary.
R89-28 5/23/89 A resolution endorsing the program outlined in the City’s application for a Community Development Block Grant (Final Statement) for 1989.
R89-27 5/23/89 A resolution proclaiming National Public Works Week, May 22-28, 1989.
R89-26 5/23/89 Education, Environmental Cleanups and Protection, and War
on Drugs, and supplemental pay for Police Officers and Firemen.
R89-25 5/9/89 The Slidell City Council that it shall provide assistance with clearing clogged drains along the Rue Rochelle Roadway Improvement, to help with reconditioning the neutral grounds in areas effected by Phase I and Phase II of the project, to provide assistance in traffic control at the intersection of Rue Verand and Gause Boulevard, and to ensure that the barricades at the Audubon bridge were removed as soon as possible.
R89-24 5/9/89 A resolution acknowledging the City Administration’s request for additional personnel.
R89-22 5/9/89 The Slidell City Council in legal session convened hereby recommends that the Administration develop an implementing plan towards solving the deficiencies noted above and set aside $100,000 for this purpose from the recently passed $1,100,000 Water Bond Issue.
R89-21 5/9/89 A resolution rescinding and reenacting Resolution R89-18 which provides funding for the purchase of right-of-way for Airport Road.
R89-20 4/25/89 A resolution requesting that a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500) be appropriated for “No Solicitation” signs, and said signs be made available to residents of the City of Slidell upon request.
R89-19 4/25/89 A resolution authorizing the expenditure of $2,200 in conjunction with the National Pony Slow Pitch Championship Tournament conjunction for with girls the National sponsored by Pony the Slow Slidell Pitch Bantam Championship Baseball Association.
R89-18 3/28/89 A resolution providing funding for the purchase of right-of-way for Airport Road.
R89-17 3/28/89 The East St. Tammany Events Center Special District is ready to start seeking funding for an Events Center.
R89-16 3/28/89 The Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. yearly sponsors a Clean City Contest for Louisiana Municipalities.
R89-15 3/28/89 A resolution by the City of Slidell requesting the St. Tammany Parish School Board sponsor a Summer Food Service Program.
R89-14 3/14/89

A resolution recommending that the subject of chlorine injection procedures be placed on the Council’s Agenda until resolved.

R89-13 3/14/89 A resolution appropriating funds for the extension of water lines to the Aldersgate United Methodist for the Church.
R89-12 2/28/89 A resolution authorizing the City Attorney to file expropriation proceedings against the Vaultz Family.
R89-11 2/28/89 A resolution appropriating additional funds for the Bonfouca Drive Paving Project.
R89-10 2/24/89 A resolution providing funding for Pine Tree Street Drainage Improvements.
R89-09 2/28/89 A resolution requesting an accounting of appropriations and expenditures relative to Garbage Collection Service, and a transfer of any surpluses into the Utility Fund to defray water rate increases.
R89-08 2/24/89 A resolution stating the City of Slidell’s endorsement of On Track Investments, Inc., d/b/a Fast Track Burgers To Go for participation in Louisiana’s Enterprise Zone Program.
R89-07 1/14/89 A resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute the assignment of the Slidell Boys’ Club lease.
R89-06 1/14/89 A resolution authorizing the City Attorney to file expropriation proceedings against Mapco Petroleum, Incorporated.
R89-05 1/14/89 A resolution clarifying and requesting strict compliance and enforcement of all ordinances related to animal control. The Police Department is requested to strictly enforce all City ordinances addressing animal control issues.
R89-04 1/4/89 A resolution authorizing the advertising for seiilled bids for the purchase of (i) One Million One Hundred Thousa;nd Dollars ($1,100,000) of General Obligation Water Bonds, Series 1989A, (ii) One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,900,000) of General Obligation Sewer Bonds, Series 1989B and (iii) not exceeding Three Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars, ($3,300,000) of General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 1989C, of the City of Slidell, State of Louisiana, all authorized at an election helci in said City on Tuesday, November 8, 1988; providing for the issuanc:e of a notice of such sale; authorizing the prepar;:1.tion and distribution of an official statement pertaining to said bonds; and providing for other matters in connection with the foregoing.
R89-03 1/10/89 A resolution stipulating that the St. Tammany Parish Public Works Engineering Office shall have privilege of approval of roadway repairs within St. Tammany Parish rights-of-way connected with the extension of sanitary sewer service to the site of the proposed Slidell Retail Outlet Center at Interstate 10 and LA Highway 433.
R89-02 1/10/89 A resolution authorizing acceptance of the improvements made to Lafayette Street Extension by Maurin-Ogden relative to the Crossings Development.
R89-01 1/10/89 A resolution requesting additional school crossing guards at Brock Elementary School.