Boil Water Advisory

UPDATE – 2/17/24, 10:30 AM:  The Boil Water Advisory has been lifted.

The City of Slidell has issued a Boil Water Advisory as a precaution due to a loss of pressure from a contractor hitting a 10″ water main for the following addresses:

• 1100-1081 RUE VERAND

• 1000-1140 RUE CORTON

• 1000-1150 RUE LATOUR

• 1000-1150 RUE ORLEANS

• 1000-1150 RUE TOULOUSE

• 1000-1150 RUE BORDEAUX

• 1000-1150 RUE CALIS

• 1000-1150 RUE LIMOGES

• 1100-1607 RUE MIRAMON

• 1500-1614 RUE LEMANS

• 1130-1504 GAUSE

• 1100-1151 RUE ROCHELLE

Notices have been posted for the affected addresses by the City of Slidell. The Boil Water Advisory will be in effect until the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals analyzes all the water samples. It usually takes several days. Everyone will be notified once the advisory has been lifted.

For more information on what to do during a Boil Water Advisory: