To maintain the safety of city streets, the City of Slidell is reminding residents and businesses about newly updated regulations regarding temporary signs as outlined in the City of Slidell’s Code of Ordinances.

Section 2.23 – Sign Regulations

2.2305 Temporary sign. A sign that is intended for short-term display, including, but not limited to a banner, pennant, poster, or advertising display constructed of paper, cloth, canvas, plastic sheet, cardboard, wallboard, plywood, or other like materials and that appears to be intended or is determined by the Planning Department to be displayed for a limited period of time.

Snipe sign. A sign which is attached to vegetation of any kind, landscape materials, utility poles, public infrastructure, or fences.

Sec. 2.2308. No person shall erect a sign on public property… Any unauthorized sign in the right-of-way may be collected and disposed of immediately by the City.

Sec. 2.2315. Regulation of Temporary Signs.

(a) Generally. Subject to the sign area limitations and the provisions of this section, temporary signs shall:

(1) Be allowed in any zoning district;

(2) Not be located within any right-of-way whether public, dedicated or owned in fee simple, or as an easement;

(3) Not be placed on any utility pole, streetlight, vegetation of any type, or on public property;

(4) Not be illuminated.

(5) Not be displayed for more than seven (7) days.

According to the City’s regulations, signs in the public right-of-way and snipe signs are strictly prohibited within Slidell. As such, the City is issuing a deadline for the removal of any existing such signs by Wednesday, May 1, 2024. After May 1, any unlawful signs found within the City limits will be collected and disposed of by authorities. Failure to comply with the removal deadline may result in penalties as outlined in the Code of Ordinances.