Dear City of Slidell Utility Customer:

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve services to our customers, the City is upgrading your water meter, at no additional cost. This important project will improve our ability to read your water meter quickly and securely, provide you with more insight into your family’s water usage, and alert you to possible water leaks on your property.

The benefits of the upgraded meters include:

• Fewer estimated bills due to more accurate meter readings

Over the next 22 weeks, professional installers from Pedal Valves, Inc. will be in your neighborhood to replace your current meter with an upgraded meter. Pedal Valves, Inc. installers will carry clear identification for your security. You do not need to be home and you do not need to schedule an appointment to have your meter changed.

During the installation:

1. Water service will be disrupted for approximately 15-30 minutes.

2. The existing meter will be exchanged with an upgraded meter.

3. If your water service is off upon arrival, the meter will be changed, and your water service will remain off for your protection.

4. A door hanger will be placed on your door to let you know the meter has been changed and provide contact information if you experience any issues.

We designed this project to minimize disruption for customers and will work hard to make this a seamless transition. Should you have any concerns or issues with the installation process, please contact City of Slidell Engineering Department at 985-646-4270.

The City thanks you for your cooperation in making this a successful project that benefits customers as well as our entire community.


City of Slidell