City of Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer, State Senator Sharon Hewitt and State Representative Mary DuBuisson are pleased to announce that the City of Slidell will receive $3.1 million to invest in water and drainage infrastructure as part of the Water Sector Program Grant from the State of Louisiana.

“This funding is needed for the residents of Slidell to help prevent overflows in certain areas throughout the city after inclement weather,” said Mayor Cromer. “I would like to thank Senator Hewitt, Representative DuBuisson, and all the members of the State Legislature who made this funding possible for the City of Slidell.”

A $10 million dollar rehabilitation to the existing Slidell Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently underway in the City of Slidell. The additional grant funding will allow the city to build a large and efficient 2.5 million gallon equalization tank along with making other improvements.

“When people ask me about what keeps me up at night, I always respond that it is the deterioration of our state’s water and sewer systems,” said Senator Hewitt, District 1. “These are basic services that citizens expect and deserve, yet tend to get overlooked when budgeting with limited funds. Funding water and sewer improvement projects in St. Tammany has been a priority of mine and I’m pleased that the State and the City of Slidell have been able to collaborate on a critical project. Slidell residents deserve a reliable sewer system. This project is a major step forward.”

The proposed improvements at the Slidell Wastewater Treatment Plant aim to implement more efficient wastewater service by preventing overflows and consistently treating wastewater to the requirements set forth by state standards.

“I am so happy to share this great news!” said Representative DuBuisson, District 90. “The City of Slidell and St. Tammany Parish have both received money from the State for Water Sector projects that will be used for much-needed repairs. Our citizens deserve to have clean, safe water, and I am pleased to have been a part of the Legislature that approved this funding.”